Daizy the Clown & Company

Cute, bouncy, friendly, approachable, and adorable girl clowns without white face!

For over 25 years, Daizy's company of young, talented, energetic performers have been entertaining at kids' parties, picnics, and corporate events throughout the Los Angeles area because of our professionalism, enthusiasm and reliability! Cute, bouncy, friendly, approachable and adorable girl clowns without white face makeup!

Our Parties


Welcome to Daizy’s Clown Town! We are an exclusively female company, licensed and insured. Cute, bouncy, friendly, approachable and adorable girl clowns without white face makeup. We can also send one of our cute performers in jeans and our signature green Daizy tee. Either way, super kid friendly and fun!

Many of our clients find us when searching for face painting or balloon twisting services. However we always recommend you consider booking our full party program of games, magic, paint and balloons. Much more bang for your buck. Why not get more fun for less money and so much more interactive?!

The Daizies can also be booked as face painters and balloon twisters for large events like corporate picnics, grand openings, and community and school functions.

We consider ourselves Ambassadors of Joy. This is our Good Work in the World. We uplift. We listen. We validate and contribute. We participate in the celebrations that serve as milestones in the lives of our clients' family and friends. Thank you for inviting Daizy the Clown & Company to help make your event a success!

Full Party Program


Each performer booked separately!!! Daizy’s full party programs run a minimum of 1 hour, and can accommodate 10-12 children comfortably. The more kids you have, the more time you need! Additional half hours can be added if you expect more guests, or the party activities can be tailored to fit the first hour. The office will advise you on the appropriate duration for the services you're interested in, we're the experts! Often clients will overbook their time... It's totally not necessary! Let us help you save some money by not overbooking, or understand what you need to consider for your event if you're underbooking.

Our standard parties appeal to children from toddlers to 10-years old, however all ages are welcome to join the fun. A magician, advanced painter or twister, balloon workshop, games day, or a craft table might interest your older children.

Though the order of activities is determined by the performer to best accommodate your event, the Daizy program typically starts off with an age appropriate games section. Daizies have many activities at their fingertips, and determine the games section based on the following considerations: how old the kids are, how many there are, the space available, the weather that day, how much sugar the kids have had, and how well they’re paying attention and following directions! Some typical activities may include, but are not limited to, parachute play, limbo, dancing the “Hokey Pokey", “Chicken Dance" and “Freeze Dance”, and other interactive group games.


We then move along to a goofy, silly clown magic show, where your birthday child is invited to be the “magic birthday assistant"! Face painting comes next and, to finish up, every child receives an animal balloon! If you wish to work singing “Happy Birthday" with the cake into your hour, please let us know at the time of booking. The performer will make sure time is set aside for that in her program. Before saying goodbye, be sure to pose for a picture with your performer to save the memories, year by year.

We finalize all bookings over the phone.  If you'd like to get your event on our schedule, please call the office to determine availability. If we're out clowning around or on the other line, feel free to leave your name and number on the voicemail, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Toddler Parties

Each performer booked separately!!! Toddlers are not developmentally ready for structured activities, as any parent of a toddler knows! Games don’t fly with toddlers, and the magic goes right over their heads…the whole world is a magical place to them! If you're planning on having a toddler party, let our Daizy performers amuse the little ones with bubbles, tunnels, instruments, and hand puppets in addition to facepainting or temporary tattoos and balloons! It’s a “go with the flow” program that allows the performer to adjust to the interest and attention span of the kids, wherever that may lead.

Character Parties

Daizy has a variety of classic characters to choose from, and many to match today’s popular themes. Activities may depend upon the costuming, expected headcount and duration. For example, some costumes impair the performers’ vision enough that face painting is not offered. Others may be booked as walk-around (“meet & greet” only), or others may need to be booked as a “half & half” (half of the time in costume, and the other half out), etc. Feel free to ask about availability and appropriate activities!


Advanced Balloon Twisting

Daizy performers can be found bringing smiles to the dining experience as advanced balloon twisters in restaurants all over LA County, and many of our clients meet us for the first time this way! Advanced twisting is best for a party of older kids and can accommodate up to 15 children in an hour. It’s also perfect for holidays such as Mother’s Day and Easter. But any time is a GREAT time for balloons! Call the office to discuss if your event would be best suited by our standard party program or an advanced twister!

Daizy’s Crazy Balloon Workshop

If you're expecting an older crowd (although we've seen four year olds pick this up incredibly fast), something different and exciting for your child is the Daizy’s Crazy Balloon Workshop! Let one of our friendly staff teach your guests how to twist balloon animals. We will provide the pumps and balloons for a minimum of 10 children for an hour. Afterwards, your child gets to keep the pump, the remaining balloons and gets to have tons of fun with imagination! It's amazing how much pride kids develop with their unique, new skill! We'll tell you all about it!


Preschool and Day Camp Play

Are you a preschool teacher or day camp activities coordinator? Daizies love preschools! We can provide a monthly visitor to celebrate all that month's birthday kids, a full program with a Daizy clown your tots will grow to know and love! Day camp kids will have a ball with Daizy's Crazy Balloon Workshop, perfect for YMCAs. Call to discuss your programming needs!

Picnic Game Day

Maybe a whole hour of games for your birthday child? Our Games Master will show up with all the equipment in tow! Potato sacks, tunnels, hula hoops and balls for relay race picnic fun! Perfect for parks and large groups of kids approximately the same age. Great for corporate picnic season, especially when the water balloons come out…


Craft Tables

...are so much fun! Give us plenty of time to plan for your craft event, this service is best booked at least three weeks out. We can create an age appropriate craft project to compliment your party theme, be it luau, princess, holiday, whatever! One of our staff will then provide the helping hands on site as your Craft Master.

Holiday Fun

Daizy the Clown & Company is a fun addition to any cultural holiday on the calendar. Need Santa to make a house call, or one of our adorable elves to run a full Daizy program? Perhaps a fun Bunny for an extra surprise at this year's Easter egg hunt? From Purim and Eid, to Halloween and the Fourth of July, our clowns and characters are great for atmosphere at private parties, as well as company picnics and corporate events.


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